Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shrek 3 : Lots of more games and themes

Check out this site. Although the site is not english but every post has an image so you know what you will be downloading. Not much themes for 3rd but some of the 2nd Ed themes are gr8. Lots of other games too.

Oh and i just saw there are many applications too. Actually my eyes were only searching games for the moment ;)

Mobile OS wars

All claim to be better than the other. Hands down Symbian is the best, but I dont think that Windows Mobile and Linux are going to give up so easily. Microsoft just came out with Windows Mobile 6

"Windows Mobile 6 features new shortcuts to make performing tasks easier, and there is added functionality to the Calendar and Contact apps. E-mail improvements include a new search function and HTML support, and there's good Windows Live integration. In addition, the Standard Edition (formerly Smartphone Edition) now includes Microsoft Office Mobile with editing capabilities." -- Cnet

Go through these links:
Windows Mobile takes on BlackBerry and Symbian
Linux to challenge Symbian in smartphones

Symbian signing is no protection from spyware

"Spyware for Symbian version 9 is now available signed and verified through the Symbian Signed process, according to anti-malware specialist F-Secure."

Being a Symbian fan I really feel bad about this Signed spyware (if it is for real), because I thought that going through symbiansigned is really a tough procedure.

Read more here.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wipro & Forum Nokia

Just Announced : New Technical Consultancy Service For All Forum Nokia Members.

"The Forum Nokia Technical Consultancy service is designed to provide personal support for the entire duration of a mobile application development project. With highly-skilled technical engineers, the Technical Consultancy service provides personal and in-depth services that can be deployed at every phase of a project. The Technical Consultancy can add needed expertise to a project, identify potential problems and help avert them. Get your applications to market faster and easier than ever before. We'll also help you keep your project on schedule and on budget."

"Wipro offers comprehensive mobile software-product-realization and consulting services to Forum Nokia community members. Wipro combines its technical, project management, and integration capabilities to help Forum Nokia members deliver products on time and within cost estimates."

Check out these links:
Forum Nokia

N76 ads out in newspapers

The wait is finally over with N76 and the 5700 ads coming out in newspapers. Many had been waiting for the N76.

"1 motorazer kickass phone " - thats how my friend Kedar Parikh put it, and I agree.

Monday, May 28, 2007

E61i Superfan

Check out these E61i photos on flickr. Her screen name says it all e61isuperfan.
Really cool pics. Check out that streetfighter game screenshot in one of the photos (download link in comments, surely going to get it for my E61;). I'm really impressed with the camera and the headset of the E61i.

GooglePhone: Is it real?

Followed this article from emergic.

"Mobile phones are all the rage. With Apple set to release its highly anticipated iPhone later this year, we can't help but ask, is Google next to enter the competition?"

Get to know the
Fact, Fiction and a Huge Link List on this page.

Changed my title

So I've changed my blog title. Earlier it was "Avi's Symbian blog".

I am posting a lot of mobile stuff which aint Symbian. Thought it would be appropriate to change the blog title.

Do comment on it.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Read me on the mobile

I am a MyToday fan, have been using their FREE SMS service for quiet some time now. Every time I want to know which movie is in which theater in Mumbai I just have to point to mytoday on my mobile/PC.

Not just Mumbai, information can be sought about most of the cities in India.Lots of good content like movie reviews, feeds, cricket live scores etc..
Check it out regularly as they come up with new features like free sms greetings which is now ON till 31st May.

By the way my blog can be reached on mobile on this address , tiny version

Flash Lite content on a Mobile site

I have seen many mobile sites right from the wap days, and they've really evolved. Always wondered about flash on mobile site, well this page made me smile.

“In the future, embedding video content on the Web page will be easier. Flash Lite 3, announced by Adobe in early 2007, will include support for video and bring mobile devices one step closer to the browsing experience provided by desktop browsers.”

“Nokia Web Browser on S60 3rd Edition FP1 adds support for Flash Lite, making it possible to display embedded Flash content on the mobile display. When designing content, developers should consider the advantages of using Flash Lite instead of full Flash. In many cases, the functionality provided by Flash Lite is sufficient, and the same Flash Lite content can be displayed on both the desktop browser and the mobile browser. However, Flash should not be used for critical components such as navigation.”

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Nseries mobile site

Browse nseries site on your mobile. Just go to from your phones browser.

Lots of info about products, competitions , tv commercials (ads). One problem , when any video link is clicked my browser crashed. Some rtsp related problem I believe.

To view the site on PC browser click here.

N72 11k :Unbelievable, believe it

N72 11k :Unbelievable, believe it
Originally uploaded by Avinash Rathod.

MoMo : Emerging Trends in Mobile Application Development

An event by RELIANCE that too developer centric, I can say just one thing "Dont miss it". Mobile programming is hot in India, just have a look at the discussion forums of any development site, they've got hundreds of Indian programmers. While most of the developer events are stolen by Bangalore/Hyderabad this time we have a chance to attend such and event in aamchi Mumbai. Register today. The event is on 4th June 2007 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

Inviting the mobile developer community for the June event of Mobile Monday Mumbai hosted by Reliance Communicatons.

Added attraction this time will be a 15 min guided tour of the famed (NASA like) Reliance National Network Operating Centre. Also, have heard great things about the venue and food :)

Visit this page for the agenda and the venue.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Nokia Gizmo

Install the Gizmo client on your device to start using instant messaging (IM), presence and Internet calls. After installing the application you are able to create an account or use the existing Gizmo username and password. With a WLAN connection you are able to use all the features, and IM and presence are available even when you are connected over 2G or 3G.

Compatible with N95 and N80

Get it here.

World’s highest mobile phone call

Symbian OS-based MOTORIZR Z8 enables world’s highest mobile phone call

British climber Rod Baber successfully makes the world’s highest mobile phone call on a Symbian smartphone, the MOTORIZR Z8, from the summit of Mount Everest.

Read More.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Geeky : Improving video quality on the Nokia E61 Smartphone

This is a some geeky stuff, but seems interesting. Its about video's and current video applications running on Symbian like Smartmovie, Realplayer , Coreplayer etc... which one's better. Then codecs and stuff , may be there is an audience who likes the article, here's the link.


I like this application HourPower, check it out. Doesn't do much, just speaks out he current time at the press of a button. Its just what I wanted.

You know the situation - you experience it almost every day: When you wake up in the morning, you'll want to know the time.

Of course you could take a look at the alarm clock, but that would imply looking at the small clock on your bedside table. If you have a clock that's able to project the time on the ceiling, it's better - but still, you have to get your eyes into a state where they can focus at the numbers. This is where talking alarm clocks come in handy. But you might not have one. However, you do have a mobile phone. Why not let the phone read the time for you?

Saturday, May 19, 2007

S60 enabled camera phone + data plan = Moblog

Just add your blog to your Flickr account, get your 'upload to blog email id' and start moblogging with Jhalak/Shozu. Jhalak is available only for S60 2nd Edition and for Indian residents only but its my favorite moblogging software.
The previous post I made was after setting my blog entry in flickr. Once the flickr settings are done you get a upload to blog email id. Just create an album in Jhalak with this email id. Start clicking and sharing. And yes, you need a data plan activated from your operator.

Test: Set up my flickr account for Moblogging ;)

Test: Set up my flickr account for Moblogging ;)
Originally uploaded by Avinash Rathod.

Boo Hoo : Thats how the Japanese Boo

20 million Symbian smartphones shipped in Japan.
Thats good enough reason for the Japanese to BooHoo the westerns.
You even get to see the video of the westerns getting booed by them.

A Boo is a type of ghost that appears in some of Nintendo's Mario video games. When Mario (or Luigi) looks toward this creature, it blushes, covers its face, and stops moving. When Mario turns away, the Boo becomes vicious and chases him. A larger boss version exists, known as "The Big Boo." Other types include "Fishin' Boo", who floats overhead dangling a lethal blue flame.

Thursday, May 17, 2007 : Exclusive download - The Clock screensaver

Clock Screensaver is an S60 application by mBounce that displays two clocks with different time zones as a screensaver.
So log into and get it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gmail app bug

I found a bug in the GMail app for the E61. When I try to delete the a mail using the shortcut '7', the mail just below the selected one gets deleted.

5700 XpressMusic Contest

This is a pretty simple match the pair game. Try it out here, you could win the 5700.

Saturday, May 12, 2007 : My Exclusives

Register with and you will get a new link on logging in, "My Exclusives". There are some downloads like a couple of themes and some games. Both 2nd and 3rd edition downloads are available. Also sign for the newsletter, its got lots of new info.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Two new N Series phones : N81 and N82

Two NSeries phones are in the making, the N81 and the N82. Check them out here.
Not much difference between the two except for the form factor , N81 is slider and the other is a candybar.

Sony Ericsson P1

The sony ericsson P1 is a UIQ 3 Smartphone with 3.2 megapixel camera, WiFi and 3G. Check out its photo gallery here.

5700 XpressMusic & E61i

The 5700 XpressMusic and the E61i are now on Nokia India site, so expect them to be in the market soon.

Expected price:
(these are not accurate prices , but approx prices which I found)

त्र्यिंग आउट हिंदी पोस्ट : Trying out posting in Hindi

वोव अब मैं हिंदी मैं भी ब्लोग कर सकता हु। This is really gr8.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mobile related Firefox addons

Some firefox addons which can be helpful (esp for mobile developers):
  1. Wmlbrowser : View wap/xhtml pages as seen in our mobile browsers. Try out , , ,
  2. User agent switcher : At times you would like your PC browser to be reported as your phones browser to test something. I have used firefox as my E61 browser by changing the user agent string to "NokiaE61-1/3.0 (1.0610.04.04) SymbianOS/9.1 Series60/3.0 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1". You can google for your phones user agent.
Will add more helpful extensions as I encounter them.

Mobile OS of future

This thought often comes across my mind "What is going to be the mobile os of the future". Will it be S60, Windows, Linux or will Apple come up with something. But here's a post that says something different and is really worth reading, followed it from emergic.

Friday, May 04, 2007

S60 application wishlist

Do you have a wish for an application on your S60 phone or do you have an idea for an application. Well post your wishes and ideas over here may be there is some developer who will make it come true. Lots of wishes have already been posted and if there is an application that is already available that does what you want someone may post it there.

Soul of the city : N95 wireless adventure

What a way to promote the N95. This one is Asia specific and its analogous to "The Amazing Race" which they show on AXN. The prizes are great , here's what the Singapore winners get
  1. st prize : $5000 and 2N95's
  2. nd prize: $3000 and 2N95's
  3. rd prize: $2000 and 2N95's
Now why 2N95's, its like this. You got to register 2 people who will play the game , it's like hunting for clues throughout the city and performing some tasks. So the winning team gets N95 each and the $cash$.

I could not read the prizes for the other countries because of the language but from the images it looked like holidays/air tickets etc...

Heres the link.

In India the promotion starts in July, but its been kicked off in Indonesia,Malasya,Singapore,Thailand,Philippines and Vietnam.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Win a nokia n95 : One more chance

Contribute to the ForunNokia Wiki and you could stand a chance to win the N95. Check the link for more details.


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