Monday, December 29, 2008

Maps and the 6210

It's been around a month I've been playing with Maps 3 on the 6210 Navigator. I've spent most of my time with N Series devices and never understood how Nokia categorizes devices under a Navigator or E Series or the N Series. Eariler my notion that E Series will be the ones with no camera, radio etc... ,was proven wrong by E90 and now I think that all devices with an Email shortcut key will be ESeries , devices with the Maps shortcut key will well be Navigators and with music key will be N Series. Apart from the shortcut keys the menu structure in these devices also change. 

So in Navigators GPS related apps get the front seat: Maps, Landmarks on main menu and GPS data in Applications. 

Any ways the 6210 looks really good, its a small phone and the buttons are excellent. At first the small menu and 'c' key on either side of the large navigation pad seemed odd but its really a very good arrangement. On the N95 I've so many times hit the Music key by mistake but no mistakes on this phone, the softkeys /call and call end keys 
are large enough and so is the numeric keypad. I wish the N78 had the same arrangement. The slider is smooth.

Music wise (radio/mp3 etc...) the phone is good with a smaller ear phone jack than the starndard one.  There's only one speaker is at the back and it is pretty loud.

Images are ok with the 3.2 Mp camera but the view finder is mostly grainy even in a adequately lightened room. The panaromic view can be really useful on outings. 

Upgrading to Maps 3 and loading India's map was quiet a task but if the instructions are followed properly things work good. There's no direct sis file to install to upgrade, instead first download a Maps updater on the PC then it upgrades , then the older version of map loader does not work with Maps 3 so download the newer version to get Indias map on it etc...

I tested maps 3 both walking and driving. I can say you can rely on maps while walking but not so when driving. I think there are many new roads here in Mumbai which are not included on the map. I don't have a car , but I'm sure if my bus would have taken whatever route the lady in the maps was saying I would have surely been God knows where. But walking experience was better. Althouth it does not know shortcuts the longer routes are accurate. But whatever, I think this can be considered as the beginning and  surely in some time there will be a lot of improvements. And yes , worth mentioning is that the GPS would always connect within a minute.

I think that at the price of 13-14K Rs the 6210 is a really good phone.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rahman and Nokia together, Again.

(image sorce : )

I said in one of my previous posts : "Seems like A.R. Rahman and Nokia have really good connections".

Now Nokia and Rahman have come together again to launch a new music album and the name of the album is ......'Nokia Connections' ;)

Seems like every time a new XpressMusic is to be launched Mr. Rahman is called in. The album will be out by Jan 2009 with 9 tracks.

More info :

Mera Nokia

MeraNokia offers a range of relevant services, in Agriculture, Education, Astrology and Ringtones, for our consumers. These
services are either subscription-based or on-demand, depending on the type of content. These special content updates are
accessible exclusively through our MeraNokia application, which is pre-embedded on select Nokia devices such as the Nokia
2600 classic and the Nokia 1680 classic.
The complete MeraNokia package consists of the following suite of services:

Agriculture Services
A subscription-based package that gives daily updates on Market Prices for crops, Weather Information and Agri-Information & Tips.
Education Services
The Education service comprises two different offerings with individual subscriptions. These are Learn English (which provides daily tips to improve English language skills) & General Knowledge.
The Ringtones service is an On-demand service, where ringtones from two categories (Devotional & Top 10) can be downloaded for a nominal fee.
This service provides daily SMS horoscopes for the selected sun-sign, via subscription.
How to get and more info here.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

6210 Built-in FlipSilent

May be its there for all FP2 devices

Settings > Phone Settings > General > Sensor Settings

As I said in my previous post, there is no setting to turn off auto-rotation once sensor is turned ON :(

The 6210 Navigator & BH-602

One of the best Nokia box I've seen so far.

The BH-602 is the first ever bluetooth headset I'll be using. I usually do not read manuals before using any device but I think I'll have to reads this ones carefully, althouth I was able to pair it with the 6210 couldn't do the same with the N95. There are different key combinations (Power + BT button) to set/reset/re-pair etc.. , also the pass key which is '0000' is needed to pair. Couldn't have figured out without opening the manual.

Quick thoughts:

The 6210 is a S60 FP2 device, same like the N78 so expected transitions/effects in this one too but it comes with no such themes.

The slide is smoother , better than the N95.

The keys as well as the keypad are great.

No WiFi.

The camera/photos are good but the way finder is always grainy. The camera has a 'panorama' mode which seems cool. Only modes the camera supports Night mode and Sequence Mode.

GPS connects fast. Upgrading to Maps 3 was tedious , but it went smooth. Just followed the instructions and it worked. Will post more about Maps3.

Downloaded NGage (not there by default). Played 'The One' , pretty interesting just like Tekken. Trying hard to defeat Raven.

Accelerometer present, no need to install FlipSilent, its present as a setting. I do not like the auto-rotation feature but turning on the sensor activates Auto-rotation. And flip silent will work only if sensor is on ;(

Menu is reorganized. 'My Own' is back. So all installations go into 'Applications->My Own' , also since 'My Own' cannot be moved to other folders , its always one more click to get to our applications.

Some games are included , 'Applications->Games' (marble/jelly chase/brain champ). Preloaded apps , Yahoo Go/we:offset/dictionary.

Stay tuned for more about Maps3 and the 6210.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

GPS Mission anyone

If you have already tried out most of the GPS applications out there and now there's nothing to do, try out this GPS game , 'GPS Mission'. Although I installed, haven't tried it out yet.  This image gives the details of playing the game:

(click image to zoom)

Would surely create a mission once I am a lil free. Just thought that more the number of people have the game more interesting it would be to play it. I think its worth trying. Also they reward the best mission with an N82 at the end of each month which makes it more worth trying it ;)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Receive Bluetooth Message? Why not.

I no longer keep my bluetooth off and have started to say 'Yes' to the prompt, "Receive Bluetooth Message from ABCXX?". A word of caution:Don't try this on any second edition device. Around a month back I forgot to turn off my BT after some transfer and then while in a bus I started getting BT message prompts. I said no twice but then the third time I accepted it. The message was what I feared , a sis file. I know sis files are mostly for 2nd edition devices and it would probably not install on my N95, but a sisx file can always be renamed with a sis. But still I tried installing it and the message was "Not supported". Any ways had it been a 3rd edition installable I would still have an option of verifying the supplier etc... during installation. So it seems like keeping the BT ON always ain't so much of a harm on 3rd edition devices.

Next I got this BT prompt in a mall. I was at Shoppers Stop and got a confirmation prompt "Receive Bluetooth message from Shoppers Stop?" , again I said yes. There were around 4-5 messages that followed and they were mostly offers on various brands over there. So no harm here too.
So if you own a 3rd edition device stop that habit of switching off the BT after every file transfer ;)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Know the signs , avoid radiation

What I used to do is , hit the green button for calling and put the cell to my ear straight away . According to my pal Sunil , the maximum amount of cell readiations is during call handshake. So how do I avoid all those radiations? Simple, know the signs S60 provides. I learnt this one from my wife, from call initiation to call connect S60 shows different symbols to indicate the process. So simply keep the cell away from the ear till you see the call connect symbol , heres how it looks

Call Initiated:

Call (dont know what to say) , ring going :

Ring going - keeps blinking form green to yellow:

Call connected :

Oh, forgot to say, I mostly do not carry my hands free along otherwise its a good solution too.

Friday, October 10, 2008

See it on TV even without 'TV Out'

Got a phone that can work on 'Data Transfer' mode, but no TV Out. No issues, you can still see images and movies on your TV directly from the phone. 

All you need is to buy a DVD player capable of reading USB drives. Will cost you less than 2K Rs (recectly bought a MoserBear DVD player)  and its always better than watching movies on the comp ;)

Monday, October 06, 2008

Ngage India

Just when I thought that 'My Nokia' keeps sending SMS's with info I always knew, I get this 

And then on the web,

Friday, August 29, 2008

N78 : RDS in action

Radio stations can broadcast some additional data along with the songs they play. Devices with RDS feature can display this data. N78 is one such device. Wasn't sure which radio station supports it but yesterday saw it in action while playing Big 92.7 FM.

That circled text is RDS, usually its used to show track information or some advert. The RDS/AF usually dimmed, brighten up once RDS reception starts.

Wonder how to make FM transmitter work, don't think its supported in our region.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sports Tracker : A travel recorded

Its been a year since I first lay my hands on a GPS handset, the N95, but its today that I feel I've used the full potential of GPS. All thanks to this wonderful application 'Sports tracker'. Got tempted to use it after reading Vaibhav's post. I was late for office , as usual, and my colleagues already in the office tracked me all my way form 'Mira Road' till the office building in 'Andheri'. Once again I amazed them ;)

During my travel I walked - took a bus - took a train and last took an auto. My experience with the N95 GPS fix quality in buses and trains has not been so good, so this time I used the N78. As can be seen on the map, I lost the fix just a couple of times. I took care that I was standing near the door or window of the bus/train. All the while the app constantly kept updating the speed, map plotting, latitude/longitude and all the graphs pretty accurate. A day earlier when I tried out the app I was amazed to see that it even counted the steps I took accurately. Although I could have uploaded my track once I reached office I choose to show it live so that my friends can track me in real-time. Any photos taken along can be uploaded and as they contain location info they can be seen along the track exactly where I took them, applies even to videos taken.

So at the end of my travel all I did was log on to and saw my entire route. To put the pics I'd taken during my travel just hit 'Upload to service'. Simply amazing. A travel recorded and that too with pics I took. Vaibhav rightly mentions that this app is just not for the sports junkies, anyone can use it, atleast I'll take care that I take my N78 along for every outing of mine ;)

Here's the link to my track. Click on the pics I've taken to see description. Even updated my sidebar to show a widget of my track. Get your own widget from here.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The N96 is coming

The N96 is coming and Nokia is going to make sure that its presence is felt. Its announcement was made on 19th in New Delhi and the device will be available in September. The timing is just right. Every one under the impression that the iPhone is going to cost just $200 (8000 Rs) will be utterly dissapointed , now that the actual prices have been announced i.e. 31K for 8Gb and 37K for the 16Gb. Even the ones who can afford it will now be having second thoughts.

- 2MP or 5MP camera
- 16Gb or 16Gb + 8Gb
- Is the touch screen that important?
- Go with Apple or Nokia (the most trusted brand in India)
- Will there be a good resell value for the iPhone?
- How easy is it to install applications on the iPhone?
- Why buy form Airtel or Vodafone, why not any store of my choice?

I do not hate the iPhone. I love its user interface and thats it. Will I pay 30K+ for a phone just because I like its user interface? NO WAY.

The N96 too i believe will be 30k+ but atleast it has all the features to justify the price.
Some more Info:

Common view for SIM & Phonebook Contacts
To overcome a common problem of forgetting to change the profile
once your meeting is over, timed profile is the solution. Simply define
the time when you want a particular profile to change.
Push Mail Compatible
Load any of the push mail clients be it Mail for Exchange or provided by operators & access your corporate e-mail.
High Speed USB
Convenient PC to N96 Device connections for media transfer
Speed up to 480Mbs

My Nokia
Tips & Tricks for your N96
Register yourself to My Nokia from your device & receive tips & tricks on how to increase the productivity of your N96. SMS alerts are sent to registered users educating them on different shortcuts to perform a task in the least possible time. For e.g. Long press the Menu key to know the "Open Applications" & press "C" key to close the running application from the open applications window itself.

Common Composer for Messages
-Automatic recognition of a text message or a Multimedia message. Movement a picture or Audio is inserted into a message, the message converts into a Multimedia message

-In N96 you not only get a Music Player, but also get a access to a online Music store to purchase music. With FM radio you would never run out of music & with dual speakers you get the best in class audio quality. The innovative music player lets you play the music as per the Artist, Album, Genres & Composers. This make a song search a lot easier.
Buit in 5 Mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss Optics Lens gives you the best photographs possible. You not only can click photographs but share them online from the phone directly. If that is not all you can upload the same post location tagging, so that you can remember the exact place where the photograph has been clicked.
- With Nokia PC Suite, you can effortlessly transfer all your photos with a single click of a mouse.
- Click a photo
- Location Tag a photo
- Upload / e-mail the photos
- Sync with your PC
- View them on a Rotary Gallery

Run more than two applications at any given point of time. For e.g. open a PowerPoint, playing a game, surfing the internet & typing a SMS at a given point of time.
With N96 this will all be done with ease. To know what all applications are running simply click on options – Show Open Apps.

S60 Browser
-With N96 you get the best of browser. With some of the unique features of S60 browser, you get the best
in class browsing experience.
1. Easy Read: The text of the news article gets adapted to the mobile screen
2. Auto Bookmarks: No need to enter the web address again if you have opened the web browser once.
3. Page Overview: Displays the complete web page on your mobile scren & makes navigation lot easier
4. Visual History: Easy navigation to the page you have already visited & want to re-open the same page
5. Find: Find any text on the entire web page.

Access Point Differentiation
-With clear distinction between Internet Access Point & Operator Access Point (WAP),
you would never struggle to figure out, which one is a internet access point or a WAP
access point. Just insert your SIM & phone would do the rest. No need to even ask the
operator for the GPRS settings.
Keep downloading new widgets to your N96.
Download the best of widgets for mobile devices. Download the same from Download! Application on your device or simply type onto your mobile web browser to download more widgets.

Pre-loaded Applications
Wave Secure: Protecting your phone and data
-The effortless & wireless way to secure everything on your N96. With WaveSecure you would be able to
- Lock your phone remotely via Internet
- Track your phone whenever a SIM is changed
- Create a backup of your data (Contacts, SMS, Call Logs & Calendar entries)
- Wipe out data on the phone remotely via internet (Contacts, SMS, Calendar Entries, Videos & Memory Card)
- Restore the data back to your N96 (Contacts, SMS & Calendar Entries)

Oxford Dictionary
-Explore English, anytime, anywhere. Get the handy & trustable reference during meeting & presentation anytime. With over 2,40,000 words, phrases & definitions in A~Z format and help for spelling & grammar the OXFORD English dictionary in your N96 is the easiest way to increase word power, without carrying the thesaurus with you.

Mobiola Screen Captire
Phone's screen on PC. Wonder never cease on N96. Now you can use your mobile to give presentations in your PC wirelessly. Screen Capture application enables you to view your phone's screen onto your PC by establishing a connection via USB or Bluetooth.

Indi SMS – Type in English & it will translate into local languages
Talk to your own people in your own language. With this application in N96 you just need to type in English & it will be converted into any of the 9 languages. Hindi, Punjabi, Gujrati, Bengali, Tamil, Telgu, Kannada, Marathi & Malayalam. Indi SMS application also integrates with message Inbox.

Download more applications, try them for free via "Try for Free". Download Productivity application, ringtones,Wallpapers, games, themes & much more all via Download! Application on your device.

Utilizing downloaded content made easy
Instant playback of media files
Easy personalization with downloaded content
Quick launch of intsalled java

Also try out this fun game contest (Project6XN) , if you are lucky enough you can win yourself a N96.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nokia Repair: Service appointment and Repair status

This is worth sharing, never knew about it

Go here for service appointment and here for repair status.

This may not be of any help right away but may be later, the form asks for State but lists cities, and there are no cities. In short mandatory fields cannot be filled ;( and the form thus cannot be submitted.

Go here for more Repair info.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nokia wants to help Indian tigers

Finnish-based mobile telephone giant Nokia has joined hands with the wildlife conservation organization, World Wide Fund for Nature, (WWF) to help conserve tigers in India.

Under this initiative, Nokia and WWF-India, will work jointly towards providing education for sustainable growth, increasing knowledge on tiger conservation in the villages surrounding tiger reserves.

Full story here.

S60 : Autocomplete works in browser

Noticed this on N78.

Friday, July 18, 2008

N78 : Where's the memory card?

Quiet some things have changed on S60 FP2, location of the memory card is one such thing.
I wanted to format the memory card but could'nt find its icon in the Tools menu, where its always been since the 2nd Edition.
Its now shifted in the FileManager application, along with its options ;)

Even timed profiles are back with FP2 and Darla is very happy about it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A little about the N78

Been fiddling with the N78 the whole day and here are my thoughts about the device.

- It's one of the slimmest N-Series I've handled and its a candy bar.
- NaviWheel : Touch sensitive navigation wheel
- GeoTagging : Location information attached to the photos you take. I tried this out and it works really well. Worked well even from my balcony. A GPS lock is really quick on the N78.
- Really impressive is the Maps application. Although I didn't download the voice module the navigation option was really cool, I searched for a nearby Chinese restaurant and went all the way following the route on Map's.

Rest of the good features are because of Symbian OS 9.3 on it
- *#0000# now opens up Device Manager instead of the standard dialog, showing some more info. The best part is finding new firmware availabiltiy is now just *#0000# ->Options->Check for updates. I did a firmware upgrade OTA in just 3 mins ;)
- The 'Open recent photo/Gallery' key next to the camera key is no more. Wasn't required at all, thanks.
- Access point grouping : Set priorities to access points, cool feature.
- Internet radio now available in Radio application itself.
- More 'Menu View' options, Grid/List/Horse Shoe/V-Shaped
- Standby themes : Horizontal icon bar/ Basic / Vertical Icon bar
- Themes with lots of effects and transitions. Worth mentioning is the Haze theme.
- Bluetooth with option to block specific devices.
- Contacts now has option to show Phone memory/Sim memory/Service numbers.
- Alerts and other messages have been changed , like when switching off the Alert is "Good Bye".
When battery is full , "Battery full. Unplug charger to save energy" etc... have been added.

Lots of such settings and options now available.

- As I've already said, the keypad is really bad. Its all cramped up. 5 mins of continuous use will definitely give a painful thumb.
- 3.2 MP camera. With 6220 and N82 having the same price margin I think this phone should have got a 5MP on it.
- As I did with the auto-rotation feature on the N95, I switched off the NaviWheel feature. I feel a lot of work needs to make the NaviWheel operating smoothly.
- When outdoors its really difficult to hear any voice even with the earpiece volume set to full. There's a little improvement after I upgraded the firmware.
- The radio stops taking next/prev button commands from the headset once the radio application goes to the background or the keypad is locked.
- Can't see any screensaver :( , not even the default one. On keypad lock it feels the phone is switched off. This feature (which started with the 6630) , the light sensor, would turn on/off the keypad lights depending upon the surrounding light conditions is of no use on this phone. To see the numbers the lights should remain ON.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

New PC Suite 7 feature

"Be informed of incoming calls and new messages received" -- as stated here.

This is how it looks
Incoming call & message notification

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Free E71 or What?

Yesterday while googling something I came across this sponsored link

The Nokia Prize contest link led me to this page

Submitting the page gives a HTTP Error 500 :(

What I understand is, it's just information to get in touch with you and market the E71 but whats the CONTEST thing all about.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

China mobile , China mobile , China mobile

That's what people are talking every where I go. I've just seen these phones with some people in trains and they look jaw dropping. So what all have I heard about the China Mobiles :

1. The have upto 12 speakers and sound better than any high end phone.
2. You can watch TV on it
3. Large screens ( have seen this myself, screen is as big as iPhone's and really bright)
4. Some even touch screen enabled
5. No guarantee or warranty, No bills
6. Can buy 5 of such instead of 1 N95.
7. They usually look like a mix of two or more Nokia phones

Any one has any experience with these phones, do share.

Whats new in PC Suite

Upgraded to the new version of PC Suite (v . Noticed some new stuff:

1. Asks for a Firefox extension to be installed

Seems like it does not work with Firefox 3.

2. Memory status on mouse over on main window

3. Phone specific icons in Explorer
For N958G

For N95 Classic

4. Contacts and Messages open in Communication Center.

N78 Fusions challenge Howto

Just wanted to clarify that you do not need any GPS device to participate in this challenge.
The challenge is open for Indian residents and is pretty simple.
1. Register yourself here.
2. Play a simple flash game - A location related question will be asked and you just have to guess its location on the map. The more accurate you point the more points you score.
3. Once you finish the ten questions you'll have a personal page.
4. Spread this page with your friends and ask them to become your fan. More fans = more chance of getting shortlisted.
5. 10 shortlisted will get a technical lesson on how geotagging works. Depending upon the clues given, geotag places in your city as fast as possible.
6. 2 shortlisted teams from the city race will now compete to become the ultimate winner.

Prizes :
City winners - N78 for the leader and Bluetooth accessories for the team
Final winner - N78 for the team and leader goes to Turkey.

Although the challenge is open to Indian residents while registering choose one of these cities, preferably the one you know well or the one closer to you , Mumbai/Delhi/Bangalore/Pune/Kolkota/Hyderabad/Ahemadabad/Chennai.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

S60 : Greedy penguins top score

127, that's my wifes top score. Trying to beat that for a long time now but :(

Get it here.

S60: Aamir Khan's Samsung Beat 450 commercial

I have always enjoyed Aamir Khan commercials, especially his Coco-Cola ads. Also been hearing that he is really choosy about the work he does. But off late I think he hasn't been making good choices when it comes to commercials. I hate his monacco commercial and dont like his Samsung's S60 phone ad either, I believe they could have done something much better.

Its my personal opinion.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

N78 Fusion Challenge update

The challenge has started.

Register here.
N78 Fusion Challenge blog here.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Nokia CEO : Focusing on rural India

During his recent visit to India ,Nokia CEO Olli Pekka Kallasvuo, spoke about what plans they have for India.

He pointed out that the young consumers of India with an average age under 25 years, will lead this transformation of the mobile device becoming their "first screen'' ... full story

Microfinance is going to be one of the pillars of Nokia's strategy. The idea is that while India may be adding 8-million subscribers a month, the country still has a huge untapped base thanks to the initial costs of buying a mobile phone. This is where Nokia will run pilots and trials to gauge consumer response in select markets to come out with specific offerings that make buying mobile phones more affordable. ... full story

Friday, June 27, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nokia buys Symbian . Now what?

Very Very Interesting post.

Everyone knows about Nokia buying Symbian and TrollTech, Michael Mace from Mobile Opportunity tells us more.

Check it out here.

Also read:
Russell Beattie

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blog break

Taking a break, wont be short for sure.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Nokia : "I Love you too" in templates

Don't see it in my N95 but seems like this new "I love you too" template has been included in the new S40 phones. Now thats not much of an effort as its easy to create a new template ourself but don't recall creating a template ever, though I've used the existing ones some times.

Whatever, this new inclusion "I Love you too" will surely save some texting time ;)

Found this here.

Friday, June 13, 2008

S60 tips

Web Browser tip:
- If multiple windows are open in the browser the easiest way to close the open window is to press the 'C' key, instead of 'Options->Window->Close Window'.
- Do bookmark this link ( , it lists all google products available for mobiles. iGoogle is the latest addition
Gmail app fast startup:
If your gmail app is taking too much time to startup (mine took more than 2 mins) there is no way to tweak it up for fast startup the only thing that can be done is remove the app and install it again. This too will eventually slow down so again reinstall.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

N95 : Wear & Tear

11 months back I got my N95. I handed it to my wife , in top notch condition , some 6 months back when my N958GB arrived. This is how the N95 looks now

N95 : Wear & Tear - Share on Ovi

N95 : Wear & Tear - Share on Ovi

N95 : Wear & Tear - Share on Ovi

N95 : Wear & Tear - Share on Ovi

N95 : Wear & Tear - Share on Ovi

The battery cover lid used to fall off , some how the clips which hold on the lid from the inside got loose which I pulled out a bit to fit it tight again. Out of the three clips one broke coz of my pulling but still the lid holds on and the battery does not fall of like it did. The slider is not as smooth as it used to be.

That was for the N95, but even though I take good care of my N958G somehow the silver coating on navigation pad has come off
N958G : Button silver coating came out (circled) - Share on Ovi

Wish I'd given the N95 to my wife with a case/cover :(

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nokia : Indias most trusted brand

"Following a stellar four-year run, the Finnish telecom brand has climbed 70 ranks to become India’s No 1 trusted brand, according to this year’s Most Trusted Brands survey. The survey was conducted nationwide across 12 cities, involving over 8,000 respondents across socio-economic class, age and income groups."

Read what Nokia's CEO has to say about that, full story here.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Running NSU on Windows Vista

According to a comment on Antonys blog, it is possible to run Nokia Software Updater on Vista. Just a change in the compatibility setting and you're done.

Check it out here.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mobiles phones expose human habits

The title comes straight from BBC. Its not about good or bad habits but about human movements. Nothing to do with GPS but they've used data from the mobile base station whenever a SMS or a call is recorded.

Conclusion : "humans are creatures of habit, mostly visiting the same few spots time and time again"

More sensors :
"There are so many sensors that you could conceivably attach to a phone that you could do all kinds of monitoring activities with,...
For example, Nokia have put forward an idea to attach sensors to phones that could report back on air quality. The project would allow a large location-specific database to be built very quickly."

Read more about it here.

Nokia N78 price under 20K

My earlier post stated the N78 price to be around 25K, but according to this article in the economic times the N78 will be priced under Rs 20000 says a Nokia official.
Approximate prices of other NSeries devices :

Nokia N-77 - Rs 15,000/-
Nokia N-95 8 GB - Rs 28,250/-
Nokia N-95 - Rs 21,100/-
Nokia N-81 8GB- Rs 15,700/-
Nokia N-81 - Rs 14,300/-
Nokia N-76- Rs 13,300/-
Nokia N-73 Music Edition - Rs 13,000/-
Nokia N-73 Normal - Rs 11,250/-
Nokia N-70M - Rs 9600/-
Nokia N-72 - Rs 7630/- (source : Techlivez)

Find prices of other phones at Techlivez, which they say they'll keep updating.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

NeuTouch : A MultiTouch Engine using the Nokia N95

Sittiphol Phanvilai , fellow ForumNokia Champion, has developed this amazing MultiTouch engine using the Nokia N95. Check out this video

Head here to comment on work.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

N78 Fusion challenge update

The link on the flash is now working on the Nokia India site. Opens up a registration page whose title goes as "Register yourself to MapsPhotOnline". Don't know what that is.
Anyways do register to know more.

Friday, May 30, 2008

N78 : Fusion challenge

Nokia India homepage now flashes some Fusion challenge. But the problem is that the relevant page does not open because of some error. Anyways I'll try some other time to see if it works. Seems to be some contest to promote the N78 and as usual the prize(s) would be the N78 itself.


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