Saturday, May 31, 2008

Windows Live now available in 'Download'

Friday, May 30, 2008

N78 : Fusion challenge

Nokia India homepage now flashes some Fusion challenge. But the problem is that the relevant page does not open because of some error. Anyways I'll try some other time to see if it works. Seems to be some contest to promote the N78 and as usual the prize(s) would be the N78 itself.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

S60: Windows Live launching for India and some more countries

Live Contacts, Hotmail, Messenger, Spaces right on your S60 phone. Windows Live was available in some countries for some time now but it will be available in India soon along with some more countries.

Check out more about it with screenshots here.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Go live on facebook with S60

Share your calendar availability and location on your facebook profile. Friends can even send you text messages directly from your profile. All you need is the latest Mobile Web Server on your S60 device.

More info here.

Nokia N78 India

Nokia N78 support page is now up on the Nokia India page, so expect it in the market soon. The estimated price is around Rs 25000 to be under Rs 20000.

Was lucky enough to get hands on with it some time ago. Look out for the transition effects and the touch sensitive navigation pad. All these additional features are because its on Symbian OS v9.3 with S60 3rd Ed FP2, other features include access point grouping with priority, more menu views etc...

Nice candybar device but didn't like the keypad. I personally feel that the buttons should always be raised and not be a part of the phones body. Even blind people use phones. I have this friend, Priyesh Jain, who is blind from birth who is a Nokia fan too. He currently uses an E60 with the Mobile Speak software. Wonder how he will ever sense these buttons on these upcoming phones like the N96, N78 etc...

See full specifications here.

Looks like I'm not the only one to hate the N78 keypad, check it out.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Putting everything in one place

I've started putting all Symbian/Nokia/Mobile related stuff (blogs, themes, news, etc...) in one page. Help me with more links and tell me what more I can put up here:

Symbian Links.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

N82 makes a good picture for Scoble

The Scobleizer surely likes pictures taken from his N82. The best reason for this, its always there with him. But looking at his photos on Flickr, I surely admit I won't regret having a Cannon 5D. The picture quality is amazing, although I haven't seen the pictures in full res, they seem good enough for the moment been captured.

From all that I've been reading so far it seems that there is no competition to the N82 as a camera phone.

Scoble compares it to a pro camera
Vaibhav Sharma gives a thumbs up to the N82 when comparing it to the N958G
Wins Best Mobile Imaging Device in Europe (TIPA Awards)

Enough reasons for shutterbugs to own this phone.
N82 Site

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wireless earphones: No Bluetooth here

Interesting review of a new way to listen to music with no wires and no Bluetooth technology. It says that music quality suffers when listening to music on bluetooth headsets as the technology does not have enough bandwidth and compression is needed. But with these headphones/earphones no compression is needed. The video shows Spencer Kelly strapping an N95 with a transmitter whose other end goes into the earphone jack.
The transmitter's range is 10 meters and it costs 300 GBP.

Now thats really expensive for a headphone. Instead, if I am really a music buff I'll buy a BOSE headphone and would not mind the wires.

Here's the link to the video.

iPhone India

Come September and probably iPhone will be available in India. First there was this rumour that HCL and Wipro would be iPhone distributors here, then a couple of weeks ago the news was that Vodafone will bring in iPhone and now it seems even Airtel will be into iPhone too. iPhone deal in India and Australia will be non-exclusive. Now forget about who brings the iPhone in India, the questions I have in my mind are, will people line up outside stores to buy it?,will the iPhone will be locked to the carrier you buy it from?

I think iPhone will do as good as the Nokia N95 did. With a price tag of ~Rs 28,000, there wont be people lining up outside stores. But with two operators bringing in the iPhone I think the prices should be brought down. So will replacing the SIM with some other operator (BSNL,BPL,Idea etc....) work? I know this is already an unlocked version but I dont understand if its unlocked why not just buy it from stores. iPhones in the US required this (check System Requrements) for activation, don't think such will be the case here. If you already have an activated Airtel or Vodafone SIM it should work. But anyway this link shows how to make it work with other SIM's.

I am not an iPhone fanboy but I surely know that its going to bring good competition to other phone biggies like Nokia and SE. With Symbian's upcoming technologies like Screenplay and Freeway expect a touchscreen experience on S60 soon.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Nokia Communication Center

I usually do not post what everyone else has posted, to my surprise I think I am the first one to post about the Nokia Communication Center.

With Nokia Communication Center, you can access all your messages and contacts effortlessly in one location from your PC. This new concept replaces four existing Nokia PC Suite features – Nokia Phone Browser, Nokia Text Message Editor, Nokia Contacts Editor, and Nokia Multimedia Factory – with one simple solution.

Key features:

* Create and send messages easily
* Receive, view, forward, and reply to messages as they arrive
* Compose multimedia messages effortlessly with easy access to the images on both PC and device
* Manage messages, and sort and group them to quickly find what you are looking for
* Display all your messages in a timeline
* Manage all the contacts stored on your device
* Add new contacts with ease
* Create contact cards complete with thumbnail images

Check it out at the Beta Labs.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Nokia & A.R. Rahman Connection

Seems like A.R. Rahman and Nokia have really good connections.

Can't find any links for this but a long time ago there was this contest where one was supposed to post the name of the most influential person who has left a mark on India's music industry. The name which came out as the winner was undoubtedly A.R. Rahman. This was when they launched the N91.

After that Nokia and Rahman teamed up for "Pray for Me, Brother" music initiative. This was to promote the N91.

Now there is this contest going on "Nokia XpressMusic presents REMIX RAHMANS ADA". ADA is Rahmans new movie and the contest is to Remix 2 of its songs.

Winners :
• Winner of the contest will get a chance to spend a day with Rahman in Studio and remix one of the songs.
• Ten other winners get a chance to star with Rahman in the Music Video of the remixed song

Check it out here.

Friday, May 02, 2008


I am very poor with Mathematics, but may be someone out there can help one of my ForumNokia buddy (Robin Jewsbury) with the right figures.

According to his math on 11th June 2012 every one on the earth will be connected to each other. Simply put it is "when the total number of connected phones is equals to the total world population".

Check out the live stats here. And his query here.

BTW, a lot of that contribution is (or will be) from India I think, we have the 2nd largest population (eventually take over China) and we have the 2nd largest mobile connections :D (eventually will take China over that too).

S60 : Contest

Got any S60 trick that you think is worth sharing OR Got any application that is worth downloading by every other S60 user, go ahead and submit it to Show your S60 smarts, and you could win a brand new S60 device.


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