Thursday, August 21, 2008

The N96 is coming

The N96 is coming and Nokia is going to make sure that its presence is felt. Its announcement was made on 19th in New Delhi and the device will be available in September. The timing is just right. Every one under the impression that the iPhone is going to cost just $200 (8000 Rs) will be utterly dissapointed , now that the actual prices have been announced i.e. 31K for 8Gb and 37K for the 16Gb. Even the ones who can afford it will now be having second thoughts.

- 2MP or 5MP camera
- 16Gb or 16Gb + 8Gb
- Is the touch screen that important?
- Go with Apple or Nokia (the most trusted brand in India)
- Will there be a good resell value for the iPhone?
- How easy is it to install applications on the iPhone?
- Why buy form Airtel or Vodafone, why not any store of my choice?

I do not hate the iPhone. I love its user interface and thats it. Will I pay 30K+ for a phone just because I like its user interface? NO WAY.

The N96 too i believe will be 30k+ but atleast it has all the features to justify the price.
Some more Info:

Common view for SIM & Phonebook Contacts
To overcome a common problem of forgetting to change the profile
once your meeting is over, timed profile is the solution. Simply define
the time when you want a particular profile to change.
Push Mail Compatible
Load any of the push mail clients be it Mail for Exchange or provided by operators & access your corporate e-mail.
High Speed USB
Convenient PC to N96 Device connections for media transfer
Speed up to 480Mbs

My Nokia
Tips & Tricks for your N96
Register yourself to My Nokia from your device & receive tips & tricks on how to increase the productivity of your N96. SMS alerts are sent to registered users educating them on different shortcuts to perform a task in the least possible time. For e.g. Long press the Menu key to know the "Open Applications" & press "C" key to close the running application from the open applications window itself.

Common Composer for Messages
-Automatic recognition of a text message or a Multimedia message. Movement a picture or Audio is inserted into a message, the message converts into a Multimedia message

-In N96 you not only get a Music Player, but also get a access to a online Music store to purchase music. With FM radio you would never run out of music & with dual speakers you get the best in class audio quality. The innovative music player lets you play the music as per the Artist, Album, Genres & Composers. This make a song search a lot easier.
Buit in 5 Mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss Optics Lens gives you the best photographs possible. You not only can click photographs but share them online from the phone directly. If that is not all you can upload the same post location tagging, so that you can remember the exact place where the photograph has been clicked.
- With Nokia PC Suite, you can effortlessly transfer all your photos with a single click of a mouse.
- Click a photo
- Location Tag a photo
- Upload / e-mail the photos
- Sync with your PC
- View them on a Rotary Gallery

Run more than two applications at any given point of time. For e.g. open a PowerPoint, playing a game, surfing the internet & typing a SMS at a given point of time.
With N96 this will all be done with ease. To know what all applications are running simply click on options – Show Open Apps.

S60 Browser
-With N96 you get the best of browser. With some of the unique features of S60 browser, you get the best
in class browsing experience.
1. Easy Read: The text of the news article gets adapted to the mobile screen
2. Auto Bookmarks: No need to enter the web address again if you have opened the web browser once.
3. Page Overview: Displays the complete web page on your mobile scren & makes navigation lot easier
4. Visual History: Easy navigation to the page you have already visited & want to re-open the same page
5. Find: Find any text on the entire web page.

Access Point Differentiation
-With clear distinction between Internet Access Point & Operator Access Point (WAP),
you would never struggle to figure out, which one is a internet access point or a WAP
access point. Just insert your SIM & phone would do the rest. No need to even ask the
operator for the GPRS settings.
Keep downloading new widgets to your N96.
Download the best of widgets for mobile devices. Download the same from Download! Application on your device or simply type onto your mobile web browser to download more widgets.

Pre-loaded Applications
Wave Secure: Protecting your phone and data
-The effortless & wireless way to secure everything on your N96. With WaveSecure you would be able to
- Lock your phone remotely via Internet
- Track your phone whenever a SIM is changed
- Create a backup of your data (Contacts, SMS, Call Logs & Calendar entries)
- Wipe out data on the phone remotely via internet (Contacts, SMS, Calendar Entries, Videos & Memory Card)
- Restore the data back to your N96 (Contacts, SMS & Calendar Entries)

Oxford Dictionary
-Explore English, anytime, anywhere. Get the handy & trustable reference during meeting & presentation anytime. With over 2,40,000 words, phrases & definitions in A~Z format and help for spelling & grammar the OXFORD English dictionary in your N96 is the easiest way to increase word power, without carrying the thesaurus with you.

Mobiola Screen Captire
Phone's screen on PC. Wonder never cease on N96. Now you can use your mobile to give presentations in your PC wirelessly. Screen Capture application enables you to view your phone's screen onto your PC by establishing a connection via USB or Bluetooth.

Indi SMS – Type in English & it will translate into local languages
Talk to your own people in your own language. With this application in N96 you just need to type in English & it will be converted into any of the 9 languages. Hindi, Punjabi, Gujrati, Bengali, Tamil, Telgu, Kannada, Marathi & Malayalam. Indi SMS application also integrates with message Inbox.

Download more applications, try them for free via "Try for Free". Download Productivity application, ringtones,Wallpapers, games, themes & much more all via Download! Application on your device.

Utilizing downloaded content made easy
Instant playback of media files
Easy personalization with downloaded content
Quick launch of intsalled java

Also try out this fun game contest (Project6XN) , if you are lucky enough you can win yourself a N96.


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